Has Launching a Van Rental Business in The UK Become Harder?

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The UK van business sector is currently valued at about £1.8 billion. The market has expanded over the last ten years and is growing increasingly competitive. Venturing into the industry requires you to have a balanced perspective of the pros and cons as well as the technical skills, energy, time and resources.   Is the business […]

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5 Things To Do Before An Interview To Impress A Hiring Manager

I am guessing you are a fresh graduate trying to get some interview calls to finally land your first job. Or you have been to a few interviews but are unable to impress the hiring manager. Whatever your situation may be, the points discussed further in this post will help you land your first job within a few weeks. Here are 5 things to do before an interview to impress a hiring manager. Few of the points below may cliched, but trust me, these are the only things a hiring manager looks for before hiring an employee. 1) Have a strong online presence Websites like LinkedIn and AngelList provide an amazing platform for both the candidate and the hiring manager to test each … [Read More...]


Will a Consulting Firm Pay for Your MBA?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, it's a type of degree taken after the successful completion of a Bachelor’s and it’s a choice for postgraduates who would like to be credited for having mastered their business studies. It’s one of the most highly-respected and sought-after degrees in the world due to its practical nature and use in the real-life workplace. Generally speaking, students studying for an MBA will not only learn the theory but also the practical application of the principles surrounding the management of business, which can be applied in real-world business environments and situations. There are different categories which apply to MBA degrees, and … [Read More...]

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5 Powerful Local Marketing Ideas to Embrace in 2019

Do you own a retail store or any other small scale business? Want to get the localities interested in your products/services? Marketing techniques implemented by large corporates won't work for you. You need to tap into the psyche of the locals by learning about their culture and ways of life. This is key in building a niche-based business-like health juice bars, convenient stores, drug stores, tattoo parlor, etc from the ground up. There are many local marketing ideas that can help double your profits without investing a lot in advertisements. Your local crowd wants products and services catered to their needs. So, as a local business owner, you have a great opportunity to tap … [Read More...]

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5 Hobbies That Can Make You Money Whilst Studying

The cost of education in America is increasing at 3 percent per year. But still, the majority of young people still believe in getting a good education. And this is not a bad idea because a student can easily earn some extra income that can take care of his/her tuition fees and other expenses. Most students go for part-time jobs like working in a cafe or doing labor which pays very little and saps up a lot of energy. This energy can be used in creating something valuable that can also help you earn some money. Here are 5 hobbies that can make you money whilst studying. The hobbies on the list will not only make you money but also boost your creative energy. 1) … [Read More...]

Does a Traditional IRA Benefit me more than a Regular Investment Account?

Individual retirement account, abbreviated as IRA is an investment aimed at offering tax advantages to its users. There are two types of IRAs, traditional and, which are almost similar to each other. As compared to regular investment accounts, IRAs have great benefits which would attract the investors. The primary reason why IRAs are preferred is that there are no taxes charged on the investments, and this is a win-win situation. It is a good idea to look at the pros and cons of a traditional IRA and then decide whether to invest in it or not. Pros of investing in Traditional IRA To begin with, the first significant advantage of a traditional IRA is the ease with which one can … [Read More...]

Mutual Fund Trading Tips for Beginners

Mutual Fund Trading Tips for Beginners [The Informative Guide]

Before discussing the different ways one can successfully invest in a mutual fund, it is mandatory to know and understand what mutual funds are. A pool of money accumulated from a large number of investors, professionally managed and regulated by SEBI, to yield higher returns are called mutual funds. Being regulated by SEBI, the investment is quite safe and secure. It is also the best possible way to escalate your wealth if proceeded in the right matter. Here are a few tips that may come in handy for  beginners who are willing to step into the world of mutual funds confidently: Proper planning Before you step into the whole process of investing and figuring the type of funds … [Read More...]