Jobs you could Land with a Degree in Business Management

Starting a business

Business management is a go-to professional qualification for those who want to acquire expertise in a wide range of business concepts. Starting from building market strategies to managing operations, a business management programme can equip students with all the necessary skills relevant to the international business setting. Furthermore, depending on their interests, students can choose […]


Is Franchising a Good Idea for a Newbie Entrepreneur?

Franchising is where today’s smart money is being invested. How great it is to get the benefits of running a business without having to take care of marketing, branding, business modeling, having to choose a location for your business, etc.  Franchise owners do everything for you in exchange for a royalty and a small initial investment. However, it is imperative to find out which franchises are worth investing your money in? Pros of buying a franchise 1. You can start a business today You can literally start a business today without having to invest a lot of money. There are home healthcare companies who let you become a partner by paying a nominal fee. You can sell their products … [Read More...]

youtube videos

How to Obtain YouTube Views That Will Never Drop

Youtube is one of the most popular and successful video search engines that already proved a lot. Either way, posting high-quality videos is not as hard as you think but obtaining a significant number of views does. Innovating new videos and maintaining their channel views are only some of the biggest challenges that every YouTuber needs to overcome. According to some media and marketing agencies, Youtube is the best place to advertise ads, videos, and even movies. As a matter of fact, this is the main reason why most people want to boost YouTube views. On the other hand, if you want to obtain fast Youtube views, share your video’s URL on your various social media platforms … [Read More...]


5 Ways to Save Money at Disneyland

A trip to Disneyland with your friends or family can be very expensive. For adults, Disneyland can bring back childhood memories and for children, it is an experience of the lifetime. But this experience is becoming more precious with time. To save money on a trip to Disneyland you need to be fully prepared from advance. Here are 6 ways to save money at Disneyland and have a great time with your friends or family members. 1.  Get Disneyland discount tickets There are websites like that offer adult tickets to Disneyland at children's prices. It makes no sense to pay full price when you can buy the same ticket for half its price.  Another way to save money at … [Read More...]


8 Professional Ways to Make Friends at Work

Making friends in school or college is a lot different than doing the same in the workplace. The same techniques and methods don't work in the workplace. The environment and culture are a lot different in an organization than it is in a school or a college. It is true that socializing at a work is easy for extroverts and outgoing people. But by following some basic rules of social dynamics an introvert can be as social as an extrovert. Here are 8 professional was to socialize and make friends at work. 1) Just introduce yourself The best way to make friends at work is by simply introducing yourself. Walk up to a person and tell them your name and department in which you are working. … [Read More...]

forensic accounting

Want to Master Accountancy? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

All certified public accountants take and pass the CPA exam when starting their careers. When preparing for the examination, the individuals cultivate a specific collection of skills needed in their preferred industry. Professional accountants that master the skills to excel in their career and take the next step in the field where top-earning positions are available to them. Here’s everything you need to know if you want to master accountancy. Learn Management or Leadership Skills Management and leadership skills are invaluable to certified public accountants. The skills set them apart from others and open doors for management at a firm. Time management is a great part of leading a … [Read More...]

hiring manager

5 Things To Do Before An Interview To Impress A Hiring Manager

I am guessing you are a fresh graduate trying to get some interview calls to finally land your first job. Or you have been to a few interviews but are unable to impress the hiring manager. Whatever your situation may be, the points discussed further in this post will help you land your first job within a few weeks. Here are 5 things to do before an interview to impress a hiring manager. Few of the points below may cliched, but trust me, these are the only things a hiring manager looks for before hiring an employee. 1) Have a strong online presence Websites like LinkedIn and AngelList provide an amazing platform for both the candidate and the hiring manager to test each … [Read More...]