How to Meet Your Financial Goals in Times of Uncertainty

Financial Goals

When it comes to setting financial goals, it’s never too late to get started.  Entrepreneurs and the self-employed typically have a greater responsibility to prioritise financial planning, especially as this type of work can involve a fluctuating monthly income.  Whether you’re an employer or employee, knowing how to go about setting and meeting your financial […]

study material

How to Buy, Sell and Rent Study Material

Are you going back to school? Or you are a first-year student at university? In both cases, a student has to dish out a huge sum to buy new study material for the semester ahead. Until now you would have had to pay up to $500 at the start of each semester. Which is insanely expensive for a college student. In this post, I am going to share some creative ways to cut your costs dramatically. Unless your student loan can cover the cost of textbooks, you would want to look for ways to get study material either for free or cheap. Also, not all study material is available online for free. Some courses require you to purchase books from a particular publisher. There is no escaping here. Is … [Read More...]

credit report

5 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Credit Reports

Did you know that each time you apply for a loan, the lender pulls out your credit report via a hard inquiry? And the hard inquiry stays on your credit report as "negative information" for about 24 months. Even applying for a credit card affects your credit score in a negative way. Plus, details of bankruptcy or a lawsuit that can stay for more than 7 years on your credit report. There are several more reasons why most people hate credit reports. Here are the 6 undeniable reasons people hate credit reports 1) Student loan missed-payment information can stay on your credit report for 7 years Missing a student loan payment can be more costly than you think. Your credit report is … [Read More...]

new job

How to Demonstrate Good Communication Skills at a New Job

Unless you want to be nicknamed as an "office-chatterbox" at your new job, you better learn the right way to communicate in the workplace. Not everyone is born with excellent communication skills. Not everyone can understand when it is appropriate to talk and when it is wise to shut up. If this sounds like you, you need to be careful or else your callousness might cost you your job. What can I do to demonstrate good communication skills at a new job? 1. Instead of making statements, as questions It will be easier for your co-workers to deal with your dumb questions than to corrects you every time you wrongly assume something. There is nothing wrong with asking work-related … [Read More...]

retail job

Top 5 Highest-Paying Retail Jobs in the US[Entry Level]

Retail is one of the most successful industries in the United States, According to stat by Statista, retail sales are projected to amount to 6.03 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022. As of 2019, they are 5.35 trillion U.S. dollars. So, if you are wondering whether to accept the entry-level position offered by the nearest retail store, I urge you to do it today. Find more statistics at Statista Here are the top highest-paying retail jobs in the US in 2019 1. Subway Counter Attendant A counter attendant's job is to stand behind the counter and take your order. They are not cashiers per se, but their job involves a lot of things like taking the order from the customer, informing the … [Read More...]

mba program

Should I Join Rice Professional Mba Program? Is It Worth It?

Are you stuck at a dead-end job and are looking for a new career? Or maybe you want a raise at your current job? A Professional Mba Program allows working professionals to pursue their higher education without giving up their job. Bear in mind that this program is designed for graduates with 1-2 years of work experience and not for senior-level executives. There is a separate course called Executive MBA for them. This post is about the Professional MBA Program offered by Rice University, located in the heart of Houston. This is a 22-month program with evening and weekend classes. For those who want more relaxation in between lectures can opt for other 3 and 5 year programs. The … [Read More...]

Starting a business

Jobs you could Land with a Degree in Business Management

Business management is a go-to professional qualification for those who want to acquire expertise in a wide range of business concepts. Starting from building market strategies to managing operations, a business management programme can equip students with all the necessary skills relevant to the international business setting. Furthermore, depending on their interests, students can choose to pursue specialised study in the scope of business management. This programme is focused on training students for a business environment across various industries. In this blog, you will garner a vivid understanding of the job prospects that studying business management courses can offer. Read on … [Read More...]