Are Online Careers as Feasible as they Sound?

Online career

You may hear a lot of people say these days that they have an online job. What does this mean? This means that they do not need to over to a formal office from 9-5. They need to work over the internet. In the sense, work is send over mail or post and submissions need […]


The Millennial Problem of Stress

We cannot simply deny that the world only remembers the winner. But, cannot we simple ignore the fact that it is takes immense pressure to reach the top and maintain that claim? When do the signs of stress start to show, and when does the pressure ceases to be healthy? Stress can strike anyone, from the one on top to all the way down the pyramid, which can leave people shattered and scattered. While it is often told that a certain level of pressure is needed to get work done effectively, since after all diamonds are a result of pressure. But there is a very thin line between pressure and stress, and this thin line is an individual limit. Some take competition in a healthy, positive … [Read More...]

Team work

4 Common Leadership Mistakes You are Probably Making

Leadership is all about humility, commitment, dedication and being sincere to yourself and your team. Being a leader requires one to have a deep understanding of his team and its working. Good leaders lead by example and are the change makers. But failure as a leader can be depressing and lead to failure of the organization in the long run. Success of an organization strongly relies on its leaders and the workforce. Team members follow leaders and if leadership is not at place then the problem is unavoidable. Here are4 common leadership mistakes you are probably making that is not letting you to achieve your goal. 1) Emotional thinking Mixing your judgment with your emotions can be … [Read More...]

Debt reduction

Put Your Knowledge of Debt Reduction Strategies to the Test

As a loyal reader of Frugal Rules, you should know something about attacking and eliminating debt. Care to put your knowledge to the test? Health IQ's Debt: Snowball or Avalanche? quiz checks how much you understand about debt reduction strategies, especially the snowball and avalanche methods. Do you know the fastest way to pay down your debts? What about the debt reduction method that attracts the least interest? Did you know that sometimes debt reduction strategies don't attract any interest at all? Taking the quiz is a great way to test what you know about reducing your debt and learn what you don't. With only 10 multiple choice questions, you can take the quiz over your coffee break. … [Read More...]


Stock Trading For Dummies- Where To Begin?

You can just walk into a supermarket and choose what you want from variety of products. Stock trading isn’t exactly the same. Stock market investment looks like a golden goose from far, but it comes with its own set of risks. But if you get involved in this smartly, you will surely reap profits. Gold and shares have always been a sought-after investment area for Indians. If you are just entering this treacherous world, the main question in your mind would be – “Where do I begin?” You might choose to ask your friends and relatives and everyone would give you different opinions. Even those who have never invested in shares will start pouring pieces of advices on you. If you search on … [Read More...]

Retirement saving

Effective Strategies for Beefing up Your Retirement Account

Even if you feel you’re already doing a solid job of saving up for your eventual retirement, it’s possible you can do even better than you are now. After all, it never hurts to have more than you need, and that’s especially true when you don’t know for certain what’s coming down life’s pipeline. Besides working with local insurance agents to save money on your policies so you have a bit more to kick back into retirement, there’s more you can do to provide yourself with a more comfortable lifestyle in your golden years. Retrain Your Focus It’s always best to start as early as possible not only when it comes to saving for retirement, but saving as much as possible for your retirement. … [Read More...]


10 Startups of 2017 that Look Promising!

Everyone in the world are educating themselves so that they can earn money in future and help to support their family in future and live a lavish life. In recent times, it has been that nobody waits for completing their study they work simultaneously so that they can spend for their own expenses. Nowadays no one wants to get retired at the age of 60; everyone wants to earn as much as they can follow their passion. Only for those people here are top 10 startup ideas that will help you earn money efficiently. These have been best startups of 2017. Social media consultant In today’s time, everyone has their accounts on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. in … [Read More...]