How to Grow Your Small Business and Save Money

Save money

While tax reform might have added a boost to your bottom line, the odds are that you are still looking for ways to grow your small business and save money.  Sounds a bit fanciful, doesn’t it?  Well, growing your business will improving your profitability doesn’t need to be the stuff of fairy tales. Instead, there […]

Manage finances during divorce

How to Manage Your Finances During Divorce

Divorce is never an easy time.  For starters, there is the emotional strain of a relationship coming to an end and this is even more complicated if there are children involved.  Then there is the time and money lost to lawyers, etc.   But the complications don’t end there are you might need to find a new place to live or even figure out how to make ends meet. As such, managing your finances during a divorce is extremely important but it is often overlooked and with good reason as there are so many things to worry about when a relationship is disintegrating.  However, bills don’t care if your marriage is going well or is on the rocks and for this reason, we will look at ideas on how to … [Read More...]


4 Privacy Mistakes You Have to Avoid

We’ll all heard about the case of Ashley Payne, whose Facebook picture of herself holding a glass wine in one hand and a beer pint in the other hand, got her fired. She was a school teacher in Georgia, and she wasn’t even drinking in the school premises. But, a parent who saw this picture on her social media got too concerned and filed a complaint with the school board. Just a picture got this lady fired, and it isn’t like everybody is not posting such pictures. The only problem here was that Ms Payne did not take those privacy settings on Facebook too seriously. With the digital world expanding with such heavy rates, people are getting more and more casual about the concerns of privacy … [Read More...]

Get the Youngsters Clothed for Spring

Congratulations!  Now that you’ve brought that cute tiny squalling new child home to make your household a family instead of a couple you need to learn the real facts of life.  Not the ones your parents taught you when they talked about birds and bees, or those you heard about in class at school.  These facts of life deal with things like seeing that a new person is well fed, educated, protected, and clothed.  And you will find for the first time that the money you two felt was so readily available when you were enjoying life together as two runs out a lot faster when it must serve the needs of three. Fortunately, many expenses can be met through careful planning and management.  Using … [Read More...]

Auto loan

Pay off Your car Loan Faster with these Tips

When you purchase a car through a car loan, you will be expected to make the payments early or on time. Failing to do so, can result in making more payments than you have anticipated, and there will be a chance that your vehicle will be repossessed. In contrast, you can also pay off your car loans faster, thus eliminating the chance of interest to build. Payoff Car Loans Fast If you’re like me, and want to finish all debt payments as soon as possible, then you’re in luck, because today the fine people of Alpha Car Finance have put together this short list on how you can pay off your payment car for sale faster Round Up Payments One way to make your payments faster is to round up. For … [Read More...]

Invest in Lowering Your Daily Expenses

How To Save For Your IRA

It is a new year and it is time to get serious about savings. For decades, many people relied on their companies and employers to provide pensions and retirement packages that would supplement Social Security in their golden years. There is no way that is happening now. Even with Social Security needing all the supplementing you can get, you want to have your own safety net, like an IRA in place that will help you bring down your fear of retirement. Now that it is time to get serious about savings, there are all sorts of ways to save money. From bank shopping to cutting down on your television to selling off a lot of your possessions, you can take some real strides towards putting extra … [Read More...]


The Millennial Problem of Stress

We cannot simply deny that the world only remembers the winner. But, cannot we simple ignore the fact that it is takes immense pressure to reach the top and maintain that claim? When do the signs of stress start to show, and when does the pressure ceases to be healthy? Stress can strike anyone, from the one on top to all the way down the pyramid, which can leave people shattered and scattered. While it is often told that a certain level of pressure is needed to get work done effectively, since after all diamonds are a result of pressure. But there is a very thin line between pressure and stress, and this thin line is an individual limit. Some take competition in a healthy, positive … [Read More...]