Your Debt Repayment Timeline: What to Pay When

Debt repayment

It is important to create a repayment plan when tackling debt. When deciding which debts to pay and when, you will want to consider the payment amount, the length of the loan term, and the current interest rate. Credit Cards Image via Flickr by Most households have some type of credit card debt spread […]

Home and auto insurance

How you can Save Money on Home and Auto Insurance Together

Insurance is one of the safest means of safeguarding yourself and your precious possessions from unforeseen losses. An individual or an asset can be easily covered for a seemingly low fee charged by an insurance provider. The risk borne by an individual or an asset gets pooled alongside other policies and premiums collected by the insurance provider. However, a policyholder is expected to check several options and consider certain conditions while signing up.  Policyholders tend to vary in their business policies and this gets reflected in their premium structure and coverage benefits mentioned in the policy papers. 5 tips on how you can actually save money on your insurance have been … [Read More...]

Early retirement

7 Myths of Early Retirement You Need to Know!

The idea of an early retirement is particularly appealing for the fact that it enters you into a point of life where you have all the three basic requirements to enjoy it - Time, Health and Money. It’s far enough down the road that you’ve earned enough money and it’s not so far that your body has started to give up. For many people, it is an escape from their dull and monotonous corporate lives and follow their passions, do a quirky job they love, live their life on the edge, embark upon social and humanitarian services and take similar risks they’d never have dared of earlier or were unable to, due to the lack of the above three mentioned requisites. For others, it’s a time they could give … [Read More...]

Professional skill

Building your Professional Skills

When you’re trying to advance your career, one of the most important things you can do is show that you’re developing your professional skills. Whether you’re in search of promotion or a new job elsewhere, one of the things employers love is evidence that you’re proactive in learning more and keeping up with the cutting edge of your profession. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can do this, and show your employers you’re really giving it your all. Talk to Your Managers The news that you want to develop your skills will only come as good news to your managers. Schedule a meeting to discuss your aspirations: you may resources are available to help you when you ask. You can … [Read More...]

Investing edge

Investing with an Edge

So, you have decided that you are ready to take the next step.  You are going from a part-time, ‘let’s see how this goes’ attempt at investing, to a major-league, leave no investment behind attitude. Good for you.  Let’s look at how you can take your investment game to the next-level, so you can start reaping the benefits. No Brainers Have a plan. You don’t want to end up 6 months down the road in the wilds, mumbling about diversification and Bitcoin. Write it down on your phone, a whiteboard, heck tattoo on yourself if you have to. Just make one, stick to it, and update as needed. The most successful investors, and people in life all had a plan and stuck to it. You want to be like them? … [Read More...]

Sumup mpos pink credit card

How Your Small Business Can Compete with Online Retailers

  If you run a small, brick-and-mortar business, then you are probably feeling the pressure of the Big Online Store. A remarkable number of customers now prefer to buy online than go to the store. This can be great news for small businesses that do have online stores or buying apps. Unfortunately, the customers want to buy from Amazon or eBay. It’s like Wal-Mart again, but this time it’s online. On the plus side, there are certain techniques small businesses can adapt to remain competitive with giant online retailers. These changes may be a hefty investment, but if done right, your small business just might survive the Amazon craze. Here are several ways your small business can … [Read More...]

stock market investment

Before you Dive in Stocks: Stock Market Investing Tips

“If you are an individual in the stock market, you should know that the system stacks the deck in its favor.”- Ken Little The financial system has hugely evolved over the past decades. Things are now more complicated than they were before. With a lot of businesses finding ground and money stashing, people are currently looking for more ways to secure their profits. The stock market is progressively filling with investors; individual investors. Of course, most people would rather invest on their own; it is an exciting feeling knowing that you can personally control your finances. However, as Money Crashers would agree, investing in equities needs strategies for survival as well as a … [Read More...]