How to Judge a Mutual Fund’s Performance?

mutual funds

A mutual fund is a pool of stocks, bonds or other securities that has been divvied up into shares for an investor to purchase. Choosing a mutual fund that is expected to perform well and meet your expected goals is done by thorough analysis and research. The steps to judge how a mutual fund is […]

MBA program

Some Factors that Influence your Choice of MBA Program

  MBA is literally one of those courses which is done by millions across countries each year. It is like an unsaid rule for many that once you are done with graduation, you will go for MBA. While many people try to gain job experience and then take the plunge, there are others too who just get enrolled without this prior experience in the corporate world. Now, it is obvious that you be aware of the various types of MBA courses that exists. This is why you must now read ahead about factors that affect the choice of your MBA program. Duration of the course: Now, this is definitely the most influential factor which decides if you should take up a particular course or not. It … [Read More...]

Save moeny

5 Smart Tips For Saving Money in 2018

Are you a student aiming to save for your MBA or a small business aspiring to grow and save money at the same time? Whether you're a parent, a professional or a business owner all of us, in some way or the other, are in search of effective money-saving ideas. It might seem an uphill task but if you consider the tips I've compiled below, saving up on precious bucks will become less daunting. Create An Expense List The hardest part about saving finances is the starting point. The key to effectively achieving your target is to manage your expenses and practice frugality. Start by jotting down your personal expenses and all related costs to create your expense list. It will help you set … [Read More...]

Learn from those around you

How Completing an MBA Degree Will Improve Your Leadership Skills

If you envision one day opening a small business or becoming a top leader at a firm, it’s necessary to develop excellent leadership skills. This development can start right now and certainly doesn’t need to be put off until you’re actually in a management position. Whether you end up leading your own firm or someone else’s, you must be able to engage, inspire and motivate workers and communicate effectively with people from all backgrounds and cultures. This ability takes time to develop and usually doesn’t come naturally tomost people. A good way you can prepare yourself for leadership positions is through completing an MBA degree. Read on for some of the top ways that studying in … [Read More...]

Retirement planning

Some Rules to Know about Retirement

Retirement is one of the most uncertain periods of your life. There is just so much suspense. You have no idea about what you going to do. Though you already know the time of your retirement, you are just clueless about the easy you are going to spend your time or actually earn. this is why it is a very tricky period and people have been known to just go into depression because of the sudden change in lifestyle. This is why you must read ahead to find about some of the golden rules about retirement. This will not make you go any younger but it will definitely help you to plan from now and also better. Invest till you are able to earn: This is one of the best things that you can do. You … [Read More...]

Save money

How to Grow Your Small Business and Save Money

While tax reform might have added a boost to your bottom line, the odds are that you are still looking for ways to grow your small business and save money.  Sounds a bit fanciful, doesn’t it?  Well, growing your business will improving your profitability doesn’t need to be the stuff of fairy tales. Instead, there are a few tried and true approaches that you can use to get you, and your business, to the promised land.  So, if you want a bit more money in your bank account every month, then read on. Marketing on a Budget As the saying goes, ‘you need to spend money to make money.’  While there is some truth this, the reality is that this slogan is often mumbled to help justify spending … [Read More...]

Benefits of network

Why is Networking Important?

The moment you opt for an MBA degree, you will realize that networking is highly important. This means that you need to interact with people. A huge problem is faced by introverts who are unable to come out of their shells. This I why they keep telling themselves that they will somehow just be able to pull it off without networking. But that is totally a misconception. This is why you must read ahead to know why networking is important. I am sure that will change your perspective and encourage you to start building your own and personal grid of contacts. You can start your own business: Networking helps you to meet a lot of new people. Though it is obvious that not everyone you meet … [Read More...]