What Are the Top 3 Resume Formats and When Should You Use Each One of Them?


Even with the current use of social media for job searching, resumes are still very essential when it comes to job hunting. But you’ll agree with me that not just any resume format is the best to land you the chance in the business even if you meet the minimum qualification. And, of course, I […]

Good statement of purpose writing tips

How to Prepare a Good Statement of Purpose

Often referred to as simply “S.O.P”, a statement of purpose is a very essential document that individuals need to write in order to clearly mention their suitability for a post and why the wish to pursue it. A statement of purpose is needed at the time of enrolling for higher education abroad or in the country, as the case may be. It is divided into certain paragraphs based on laid down parameters that must be followed for the benefit of the writer. First and foremost, a statement of purpose must be original. It should not be copied from any third party sources. One may refer to websites online or read up SOPs submitted by other fellow students and seniors, but it should be copy pasted … [Read More...]

Setapp icon

Setapp Review – One Store to Rule Them All

There are tons of new and unique apps individual users can download to Macs and iPads to increase productivity, accessibility, entertainment level, among so many other things. The downsides to downloading dozens of apps are the hefty monthly subscription fees that are sure to add up. This is where Setapp steps in. Instead of paying fees to individual apps, Setapp offers a compilation of Mac apps for a single monthly subscription fee. Sounds too good to be true? Go on and read this review to find out whether Setapp could work for you: How Setapp Works The founders have based their idea on streaming services. With the onset of streaming platforms, movie watchers didn’t have to pay for … [Read More...]


How to Create a Brand Identity that Lasts for a Long Time

Who isn’t familiar with the popular taglines, “Just Do It” or “Live Mas” or “Because You’re Worth It”. These slogans are almost synonyms for the brands they represent. So, it is only natural that small businesses and startups would want to associate their respective brands with big organizations only. This is everything but the truth. For all organizations, brands should be at the highest priority, and yet it one of the most difficult things to deal with. Most startups exit within the first 5 years of their existence. And one of the main reasons is the whole perception of branding being extremely difficult. To state the very obvious, it is just a big myth. Branding represents who you … [Read More...]

Student debt

Handling the Dilemma of Repaying your College Debt – Tips & Advices for Students

It is rather tough to deal with student loan debt, given the way it is ballooning out of control. Being a student, you must have been acclimatised with the student loan debt crisis that the nation is going through. Americans are recorded to owe a staggering $1.4 trillion in the form of student loan debt and this debt is more than all the car loan and credit card debt combined. 8 among 10 college students left colleges in 2017 with an average of $38,176 as student loan debt. In fact, as per reports from Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finances, around 20% borrowers owe more than $50,000. There are many students for whom it is necessary to take out student loans as they don’t have … [Read More...]


Tips on College Essays and Personal Interviews

Practice makes man perfect. Hence, best key to get your essay selected is to practice 1 or 2 essays daily. College essays and interviews can be stressful, so here are some tips: They say: First impression is the last impression. Hence, try to start with an interesting first line or a quote. (1) Writing in certain structure implies the clarity of thoughts. This may help in fetching more points. (2) Generally, Introduction, Body & Conclusion is the framework one should follow while writing an essay. (3) Be precise and well versed. (4) Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes, fanatic remarks over politics & region and jargons. (5) Keep sentences short, precise and lucid. (6) … [Read More...]