4 Common Leadership Mistakes You are Probably Making

Team work

Leadership is all about humility, commitment, dedication and being sincere to yourself and your team. Being a leader requires one to have a deep understanding of his team and its working. Good leaders lead by example and are the change makers. But failure as a leader can be depressing and lead to failure of the […]


Common Sense Ways To Save Money On Car Expenses

Beside owning a home, a car is the second largest investment made by consumers. Cars come with a lot of out of pocket expenses like repairs and maintenance that you might not be thinking about when you drive off the lot. Below are some savvy ways you can save money and maintain your vehicle for years to come. Save With Repairs & Maintenance Know what your car needs and when. Be sure to read your owner’s manual. This will help you avoid hefty upcharges at the service center. You find reputable service centers and dealers on www.cars.com. You’ll never overpay on repairs again with their fair price estimate guarantee. They won’t pitch you unnecessary maintenance like a transmission … [Read More...]

Why You Should Buy Gold

This isn’t 1817, so some people are still surprised about why some investors spend a lot of money buying gold. Gold, and other precious metals like silver, has been historically considered wealth generators. Even as the economy has moved forward to depend on currency, there is a unique quality to gold that makes the metal worth owning. Buying gold is not actually just for wealthy investors either. In fact, wealthy investors recommend that all investors diversify their portfolios with gold. Read ahead to find out why you may need to own some gold yourself: How Gold is Valued Against Currency The price of gold is valued in an inversely proportional manner to major world currencies like … [Read More...]

Why You Need To Try Warrior Trading

As you start out in the world of day trading, you need to make sure you know what you are doing. More than 90% of traders lose money out on the market. That is due to the rookie mistake of taking a bunch of money and trying to make a killing as a day trader with no understanding of trading strategies and risk management. So how do you make the leap from novice day trader to profitable day trader? Education. You need to find the right set of teachers and infrastructure to learn optimal day trading techniques and how to implement them on a daily basis. That is where Warrior Trading comes in. This Warrior Trading review will provide a comprehensive understanding of what the day trading … [Read More...]

Things Debt-Free People Do That You Don't

3 Things Debt-Free People Do That You Don’t

Being financially independent and completely debt-free may be just a dream for a very large population of people. These dreamers are usually the ones who are giving chunks of interest money to the bank on a monthly basis. But you don’t have to be jealous of the smart savers. Why don’t we go ahead and look into some simple habits they have and other people don’t. We might just find out the secret that is helping these savers keep a ton and break away from the bank’s jaws. Every penny counts mentality If you ever went shopping with one of these smart savers or you just had an opportunity to follow him on one of his shopping ventures, you know what I mean by this subheading. People … [Read More...]

Does Andrew Argue Offer Consulting?

If you are looking to expand your accounting business, you can probably learn a thing or two from Andrew Argue. While Argue is a well-rounded, and busy consultant, he does offer consulting services for new business owners and small businesses that are looking to grow. Here’s a close look at Argue’s experience and why you should want to learn from this entrepreneur. Experience: Argue has worked at two separate firms and was able to build his own CPA business. During his Andrew Argue training, you will learn just what worked and did not work for Argue when starting out on his own. Understanding that he had little traditional experience, Argue also committed to working with senior level … [Read More...]

How to Find Your Lost Inspiration and Stay Motivated

Being inspired and staying motivated all of the time is impossible for most of us. Even if you started out your venture bubbling with positive energy and motivation, you may have lost all that gradually over time. It’s perfectly normal. Creativity and imagination doesn’t follow one around, especially when there are insufferable daily tasks to take care of. Even the most creative people on the planet occasionally lose their inspiration. Famous writers are not immune from writer’s blog. Some billionaire entrepreneurs are not unknown to take a break to find their footing once more. It is any wonder that regular people undergo bouts of not being able to do anything? If you feel like you have … [Read More...]