Jobs you could Land with a Degree in Business Management

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Business management is a go-to professional qualification for those who want to acquire expertise in a wide range of business concepts. Starting from building market strategies to managing operations, a business management programme can equip students with all the necessary skills relevant to the international business setting. Furthermore, depending on their interests, students can choose […]

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Price elasticity of demand and How it Affects a Business?

Price elasticity of demand basically deals with price and quantity demand and their relationship. It evaluates how a change in price can also create a considerable change in quantity demanded. Heavily influencing marketing mix and decision making with respect to price, it is one of the most important and necessary business tool and concept. Many of the important marketing strategies that you adopt which will possibly affect and change the entire course of your business are under the grasp of this theory. Also called PED, it greatly affects finance and other aspects of your undertaking as well. Even though the changes in price and elasticity of demand move in opposite directions, they seem to … [Read More...]

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How to Invest in Property with a Low Budget

Property investment is no longer just for the very wealthy. It can be a great way to save up for the future and it can be more affordable than you might have assumed. By being savvy and thinking outside the box, property investment can be an option even on a low budget. Choose an Area on the Rise Properties in areas which are yet to experience the benefits of extensive investment can be a great way to get value for money in property investment. Plans for regeneration and investment can easily be found, allowing investors to buy properties that are going to increase in capital appreciation. It may seem odd to buy a property in an area that currently has a less than perfect reputation, … [Read More...]

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Creativity in Business: Partners in your Empire

Creativity isn’t just a form of expression; it’s the spark that ignites the fire of your deepest passions. Business like any other is highly influenced by the amount and type of creativity presented, it’s your personal vision in physical shape and form, it’s your authentic brain child and trust me, as an entrepreneur or businessman what could be better. Often capitalism is synonymous considered to creative destruction and yet we literally are creators. Creators of dreams and empires. The truth of the matter is that no matter what happens, creativity and innovation is never just limited to art or dance, it’s an unfathomable sea. It’s anything you want it to be. Creativity is what fuels big … [Read More...]


6 Morbid Careers with Devilish Incomes

Many people end up re-evaluating their job choices. It may be due to the less pay or it may be due to no enthusiasm because of no interest in the field. But what people usually ignore is the jobs with a little or a lot of darkness. But you may be interested to at least give them a chance once you get to know how much they pay. While these jobs not be for the faint-hearted, their financial rewards more than cover up on the deeds of the job. Grave Digger This job may sound too morbid, but it comes with its fair share of benefits. If you’re a hands-on working person who is fit enough for digging holes on the ground and maintaining those grounds, this might be the job for you. The job pays … [Read More...]


What Are the Top 3 Resume Formats and When Should You Use Each One of Them?

Even with the current use of social media for job searching, resumes are still very essential when it comes to job hunting. But you’ll agree with me that not just any resume format is the best to land you the chance in the business even if you meet the minimum qualification. And, of course, I bet you won’t want your resume to be disqualified by the HR or management, right? Different situations call for a different format to be used. The following are the top three formats and when you should use each of them. Please read on. Chronological Resume This format of a resume is the most widely applied. In this format, you’re required to list your work history information in reverse … [Read More...]

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Starting a Business: What to Do Before You Begin

Launching your own company seems like a great idea at first. After all, what could be better than running your own business, where you get to choose your own hours, set your own salary, and even go to work in your PJs if you feel like it? Of course, there's more to beginning a business than most people realize. Although almost anyone can set up a business website these days, that doesn't necessarily mean that you have what it takes to run a successful business. To help you start your entrepreneurial journey on the right foot, we've put together these simple tips for success. 1.     Start with a Killer Business Plan A lot of ambitious people avoid creating a business plan for their … [Read More...]