Basic Types of Investment Strategies in 2019

Types of Investment Strategies

Investing your money in any plan will fetch you long term benefits when you do it with a properly planned investment strategy. Good investment strategies can give an extra edge to your portfolio and increases your chances of success at a significant rate. Now before going for investment strategies you need to know the various […]

Five For Friday: I am beat and need sleep edition!

Wow the weekend is finally here!!!  I am so thankful for that, hopefully our 2 little ladies let me sleep a little this weekend.  Anyone have anything exciting going on this weekend you care to share?  My wife has a baby shower for my brother’s fiancé.  It will be their first child and I am so excited!    Take a look at the five sites that I thought added some value to my brain this week, in no random order. Corbett Barr over at Expert Enough kept my interest this week.  Be sure to check out Corbett’s sites if you want some great reading material.  2 hours later I was still clicking around his site. Stop and take a look at TB over BluecollarWorkman I stumbled upon his site yesterday, … [Read More...]

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Smartphone 101: The art of teaching today’s youth, my cell phone can teach me what?

Sure I know what you are thinking, Christopher has gone off the deep end, but hear me out on this one. Pocket dialing – we all have done this at one time or another, being on the other end of the pocket dial all you can hear is some chatter and noise but not really what is going on. Well, this is the same as in business you need to have clear defined goals.  There is a lot of “noise” that can knock you off course and derail your efforts.  Define your goals and go for it! Apps – give us the flexibility to have access to games or websites at the press of a single button. Well we need to make certain the apps stay updated to ensure their optimal performance.  Business is the same way; we … [Read More...]

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National Financial Literacy Month: What it means to you!

What a great success the Roth IRA Movement was.  In a few days we are going to enter National Financial Literacy Month, what a great month to celebrate it, ohhhh the coincidence it also happens to be my birthday in April too!  National Financial Literacy Month came about in 2004 when the Senate passed Resolution 316 which officially recognized April as my birthday National Financial Literacy Month.  Originally started as youth financial literacy, it was realized that we all need to be well versed money and personal finance.  For my Canadian friends sorry we will have to wait until November to celebrate your financial literacy month! Financial literacy plagues many of us in the sense that … [Read More...]

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Roth IRA March Madness Style!

Shhhhhhhh…..can you hear that….that’s right  baby it’s the Roth IRA Movement.  So here is how the movement got started; Jeff Rose went to speak at his alma mater and polled the soon-to-be graduating seniors, and not a single one of them raised their hand when he asked if they heard of the Roth IRA.  Here we are today a group of about 150 bloggers preaching to the nation and hoping they listen.  For my friends following along on twitter it’s: #RothIRAMovement In case you were one of the ones polled, here is what a Roth IRA is:  The Roth IRA is a retirement investment vehicle where the premiums that are invested are after tax.  This means that when you are ready to take the distributions … [Read More...]

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Monday edition of the Five for Friday, Weekend Recap or whatever you want to call it!

For all of you that missed the Friday edition, we were taking part of the Yakezie blog swap.  Basically what takes place is that we sign up for the blog swap and we are partnered with a fellow blogger.  We post an article about a particular topic, which this time the topic was the best investment advice I ever received.  I traded posts with my buddy over at Short Road to Retirement.  Be sure to stop over there and check out his site and also to check out my article! I don’t know if you have been following along in the personal finance world but there is going to be a big movement that is going to take place tomorrow.  It is the Roth IRA Movement orchestrated by Jeff Rose over at Good … [Read More...]

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The Best Financial Lesson I Ever Learned

The rule of thumb is that bonds are for retirees.  I am 35 years old and I love bonds.  When I was really young, I remember receiving savings bonds for my birthday.  I had no idea what they were at the time.  I was told by my father that they were going to be worth “a lot” of money some day.  Every year I would get these pieces of paper that were going to be worth “the number listed at the top left corner”. Fast forward to the 90’s and the Internet boom.  The Internet boom created a huge jump in the stock market.  Millionaires were being made overnight.  I became interested in the stock market in 1995 and bought my first mutual fund, The Fidelity Select Technology fund, because I figured … [Read More...]