Top Affordable MBA Programs in California

MBA program

Are you interested in taking your career from an executive to a management level? MBA prepares you for jobs requiring leadership and management skills. There are numerous MBA programs available in California for both working and non-working students. Here are the top affordable MBA programs in California. 1. Abraham Lincoln University Abraham Lincoln University offers […]

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What to do Wednesday in Personal Finance? Is the Adjustable Rate Mortgage becoming extinct?

I was reading an article last week that made the motion that adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) are dying.  For starters, adjustable rate mortgages are loans where the interest rate changes periodically.  Generally they are a good option when you are buying a house and the prevailing fixed rate mortgages rates are high. This notion did not surprise me because interest rates are at historic lows for fixed rate mortgages.  You would be silly not to lock in a mortgage at these rates now, the interest rates are likely not going to get any lower than they are in your life time.  Listen they are at rock bottom now, I was having a water cooler discussion at work just looking for a consensus with my … [Read More...]

Part 1 of the Retirement Roundtable: What is a 401k, and why is it all over this material HR gave me?

We just graduated college and just got our first real job.  Great! Congratulations! Now what?  As we make our way through our first few weeks on the new job we are bombarded with emails, packets of information on everything under the sun from employee discounts to the dreaded RETIREMENT word, eeek.  Well you stumbled across the right website to point you in the right direction.  I will have you sipping those dirty martinis out at the beach house enjoying the afternoon rays. You are set up at your desk and looking around at the mountain of paperwork that HR has given you.  I need you to look through everything for the packet that says 401k!  Great you found it.  Take a deep breath I know … [Read More...]

The 3 C’s to Car Buying

Do you buy a new car for looks or based on what you can afford?  Hopefully this will help you. I have noticed many friends buying cars that are way out of their price range and struggling to make the payments.  Ever heard of the saying “house poor” well that is them except it is a car Cost There are many sites that you can go out on to find the true cost of ownership of the vehicle.  There are a lot of factors other than just the price of the vehicle that you need to be concerned with.  The one that I like is Edmunds True Cost to Own.  Consider insurance, the insurance premiums on your new ride may cost more than your old clunker.  There are many factors that go into determining this … [Read More...]

Guest Post: Break Out Those New Year Resolution’s

Welcome to March! It's the beginning of the third month, and, if you're like most people you've already gone off track on your New Year resolutions. It's ok. Let's grab that list and see what we can salvage from it. First, cut the number down by 90%. That means if you made ten resolutions, you will want to save one of them. Change is a process, not a moment of rebirth. If you started off with a small list, of two or three, then pick your top priority. Now, chop that resolution into a three week plan. 21 days. That's all you get.? Here's an example from my own failed list of resolutions: Look like Ryan Gosling. Here is what I'm turning it into: Walk, run crawl or die trying for … [Read More...]

Beta is not just your parent’s old videocassette recorder it is a financial ratio

What is beta? Why beta?  Well it is the volatility of the stock or portfolio to the market as a whole.  This conversation can get really deep really quick if we start discussing various financial models and the actual calculation of it using regression analysis.  If you would like to know more drop me a line and we can discuss more in depth. What can it really tell us about a stock or portfolio?  Well when you look at a stock that has a beta that has a beta of 1.0, this stock would typically move with the market.  What is the market?  Good question!  The market that is typically benchmarked in the United States is the Standard and Poors 500 or S&P 500 for short. Take a look at what … [Read More...]


Is it too late to get an MBA?

What an interesting week last week, now back to the grind of things.  Today we received a question from a reader who asks, "Is it too late to get an MBA?"  Let us define what the reader considers too late, they consider their mid 40's too late to obtain the advanced degree. What is his dilemma?  Mark is a mid level manager who strives to take that next step but all of the upper echilon have advanced degrees.  Some organizations only recruit talent for upper level positions if they have an advanced degree, his organization is one of those. Mark has his bachelor's degree and is at the glass ceiling for his current credentials at his organization.  He wants to move up and he knows he can … [Read More...]