How to Meet Your Financial Goals in Times of Uncertainty

Financial Goals

When it comes to setting financial goals, it’s never too late to get started.  Entrepreneurs and the self-employed typically have a greater responsibility to prioritise financial planning, especially as this type of work can involve a fluctuating monthly income.  Whether you’re an employer or employee, knowing how to go about setting and meeting your financial […]

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Yuuuuuuup…….What can Storage Wars teach us about investing?

In case you are not aware of what Storage Wars is, it is a television show on A&E where people bid on lockers at storage facilities.  They get 5 minutes to look inside from the doorway and they cannot open or touch anything in the units.  The show follows 4 personalities as they go from facility to facility, each one having their own style and persona.    One of the lead personalities is David Hester who owns Hester Auctions.  He did not always own the thrift shop and auction house; in fact in 2005 the shop was a furniture store.  Hester always had a knack for selling items, when he was younger he sold his father’s train set piece by piece over a 5 year period.  Hester is known as the … [Read More...]

New Logo

This That and The MBA Evolution

You are not seeing double, this is my new logo.  Well last night I broke the infamous 200,000 Alexa mark.  I can hear the crowd roaring….like when Bubba Watson won the Master’s yesterday!  If you haven’t noticed by a few mentions in the posts I am an avid golfer or should I say hacker.  The timing couldn’t be more perfect.  A few weeks back I was scouring the Craigslist ads looking for a graphic designer to design me a professional logo. If you would like to see the old one click here.  What do you think? If you are anything like me with a site making a few quarters a month you would not want to pay an arm and a leg for a logo.  I use Craigslist for everything; I had someone paint … [Read More...]

Five For Friday: I went golfing and my body is sore edition!

The Five for Friday is tough to decide on just five, but here they are in no particular order: Jeremy at Modest Money talks about the outsourcing, good read and a few sites mentioned if you are looking to go the outsourcing route. Karunesh’s Chase A Dream site is great, he is very creative just go take a look you will not be disappointed.    For those looking to decorate their house or apartment check this out by Katie @ Along For the Journey, did I mention it is budget conscious too!  Here is a good lesson of you have to look out for yourself because no one else will!  Kari @ Small Budget Big Dreams.  Anthony over at Joyful Self-Manager gives us a great review of a few book … [Read More...]

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Did I hear you right; you want to buy my site?

That’s right I would like to buy your site.  Last night as I was doing my usual musings I received an email soliciting to buy my site.  Of course, I responded to hear them out, but as I sent off the response I sat there imagining myself a lottery millionaire. The longer I sat there the greater the manifestations in my head.  Then it hit me back to reality, how are they going to value my site?  I began to think of a way on how to value my site.  There were a few ways that popped into my head. I did some aggressive Google searching looking for ways to value a website.  I got everything from a few months worth of income to a few years worth of income.  What if your site isn’t monetizing, … [Read More...]

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Deadliest Catch returns April 10……

I love this time of the year, it is April which means the start of the golf season in Central NY and also for the past few years it has meant that Deadliest Catch is on.  It starts April 10 this year on the Discovery Channel.  It's all the same, only the names will change Everyday it seems we're wasting away Another place where the faces are so cold I'd drive all night just to get back home. I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride I'm wanted dead or alive Wanted dead or alive Sorry, I was a little excited.  There is a lot that we can learn from the men on the Deadliest Catch.  First there is no greater love than love of your family.  These men go out on the edge of the world to fish … [Read More...]

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Groupon, April fools gone bad?

What happened to Groupon?  This has been a terrible past week for deal of the day website.  The stock plunged 17% as the potential for an SEC probe rattled the share prices.  Groupon had the largest IPO since 2004, when our buddies at Google had a $1.7billion dollar initial public offering.  So what happened, well first let us hope that this is not another Enron or another episode of corporate malfeasance.  Initially the company came under scrutiny when before their IPO they revised their financials with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The company came recently under scrutiny when an auditor discovered that Groupon did not have adequate reserves to cover potential customer … [Read More...]