How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

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Are you struggling to stay productive and focused while working from home? You are not alone. There are plenty of people who struggle in their initial days of “the laptop life”. To get work done in time, you need to adapt and make modifications to your mindset and lifestyle. In this post, I have shared […]

Week Dos Recap – I am fluent in Spanish, not really…

Wow a whole 2 weeks into personal finance blogging and I have to say I love doing it.  It has been a great journey thus far.  I am building some great friendships with the personal finance blogging community.  I have found the Yakezie Network great and everyone is very willing to help out.  I learned that with blogging or your spouse you have to give love to receive love.  I am out there sharing the love as much as I can with my fellow bloggers.  Here is it close to midnight preparing the post after a long day of blogging and financial analysis at work.  I am not complaining, just stating that loving takes time.  Here are some of the sites/post that I found quite interesting this week, … [Read More...]

I’m a baller – I own rental furnished apartment properties

Well I am not new to the rental property thing but I will tell you how it all started.  It all started a few years ago about rental properties when we were looking to move out of our furnished apartment for rental because our landlord was driving us crazy.  We were aggressively scouring Craigslist to find an apartment.  Well we found an apartment, ground level which means no stairs! We decided to grab it as soon as we saw it; we definitely thought the rent was well below market value.  Come to find out the gentleman was getting ready to put the house on the market and was just trying to get it rented to cover his carrying costs until he could sell the house.  The house is a 2 family house … [Read More...]

Who said that being on a Board of Directors scholarship isn’t cool ?

As I slowly reveal more about myself you will see that I have my hand in a lot of things.  I am currently on the board of directors for a local non profit organization that works to promote awareness for endangered structures in the community.  In particularly buildings that have historic significance, we are the voice for them so that they are not destroyed to make way for a new house or store or whatever. I was elected in November 2011 as a board member.  Since then I have embarked on organizing their membership directory into a usable format in Microsoft Access.  Microsoft Access is a great tool for this purpose as many have it already installed on their home computers and it makes … [Read More...]

Think Finance

What to do Wednesday in Personal Finance? How about a personal loan?

What would you suggest as the best course of action in this situation?  If you have been following my blog for the great length of time that it has been around, ok since last week, you would know we recently became a two income household.  Here is where the story starts: One income, two kids and a wife all on a salary of 100k minus 50k.  I was earning close to 50k when we had our second child.  We have 2 cars and a mortgage payment but to help offset some of this we have a rental unit in the top portion of our house.   Our debt journey started once we graduated college and started popping out the little ones.  My wife wasn’t working when we first found out she was pregnant with our first … [Read More...]

Valentine’s Day for an MBA student – Celebration

Yesterday I was sitting there pondering the meaning of Valentine’s Day you know very well about me i am MBA student which always focus on MBA study, when it struck me that it must have been made up by retailers to make it through the slow winter months.  Well at least here in the Northern part of the United States, it is bitterly cold and we tend to hibernate. I saw earlier today on the National Retail Foundation website that the average person celebrating Valentine’s Day is going to shell out a whopping $126.03.  Men will spend about $168.74 compared to $85.76 spent by women. L Never mind it is the women’s holiday, I would much rather see the smile on my wife’s face from something I … [Read More...]

Payroll tax cut from the Government ?

So what does the payroll tax mean for you ?  Well for one thing it means a bigger paycheck on payroll, money that you can actually see when you open look on your stub. It came about in December 2010, when President Barack Obama worked along side his Republican colleagues to implement it to the dismay of some Democrats about payroll.  The tax cut reduced its tax and the Social Security withholding tax from 6.2% down to 4.2%.  This money is withheld from your pay check to pay for the Social Security programs.  If you would like to find out what programs it funds take a look here. I don’t know the reason they wait until the last minute to extend the deal.  This is an election year and … [Read More...]