How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Are you struggling to stay productive and focused while working from home?

You are not alone. There are plenty of people who struggle in their initial days of “the laptop life”. To get work done in time, you need to adapt and make modifications to your mindset and lifestyle. In this post, I have shared a few tips for those who wish up their output within the next couple of weeks.

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Here Is How You Can Stay Productive While Working From Home

1) Prepare Yourself for What’s About to Come

Most people who work from home struggle to keep the concentration levels high throughout the day. This is mostly due to a lack of accountability. Freelancers and self-employed individuals who do not work with a remotely located team are dependent entirely on themselves. A morning routine can give them a sense of belonging. Make sure you add workout, mediation, and journaling to the morning routine.

2) Dedicate a Separate Space for Work

If you are working from home, chances are you stay with your family members or roommates. There is a huge difference between the environment at home and that of a traditional workplace. The home environment is more casual, laid back and chill. Unfortunately, these factors do not promote productivity. Hence, you should dedicate a separate room where you can work without distractions.

3) Do Not Forget to Take a Break

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Most people who work from home for the very first time in their life notice their productivity shooting up in the initial 2-3 months. Contrary to popular belief, working from home does not boost productivity in the long term. To keep the energy up, you need to manage your time and efforts very wisely. Hence, it is a necessity to pause and relax after every 2-3 hours or work. A ten-minute break works great.

4) Put One Some Good Clothes

When working from home, it is very tempting to wear comfortable clothes like pajamas, t-shirts, etc. Wearing comfortable clothes may make you feel a bit better initially but in the long run, they will make you lethargic and lazy. Hence, it is essential to wear formal clothing even when you are working from home. Plus, you will also look sharper in your video conferences.

5) Keep Your Smartphone Away or Mute the Notifications

It is not possible for everyone to keep their mobile phones away. Especially, if you work in sales, marketing, advertising, etc. You might need to make and receive calls frequently. But muting the app notifications can work wonders if you find yourself constantly distracted by them. Also do not place your smartphone on your desk or within your arm’s length. This will prevent you from getting tempted to chat with your friends or watch a Youtube video.


A report by Fundera says that “68% of millennial job seekers said a work from home option would greatly influence their interest in working for a company”. There is a lot of potential for remote work. To get good at this new trend, you will need to shift your strategy a bit.

The Daily Rituals of Highly Productive People

Whether you are self-employed or do a 9-5, you can boost your productivity by practicing rituals or routines that have worked for thousands of successful people. I agree that a self-employed person gets to set their own schedule, but a 9-5 worker too can make the most by practicing some powerful ritual during morning and dusk. This post is all about the daily rituals of highly productive people.

Here Are the 5 Daily Rituals of Highly Productive People

1) Take short naps during the day

This may seem strange at first but the most productive people understand that a human being cannot go on working hard without rest and some revivification. This is why highly productive people are biphasic sleepers. They sleep at night (for 4-5 hours) and then take a nap (half an hour to an hour) during the day.

2) Spend the first waking hour on learning 

It is no secret–and you might have noticed as well–that you feel fresh and energetic in the first couple of hours after you wake up in the morning and tired and fatigued a few hours before going to bed. So, do not read books or work during nighttime. It is best to read books or learn something new in the first waking hour.

3) Listen to podcasts

After YouTube videos, podcasts are now the new way to share and receive knowledge. Most productive people spend the otherwise dull and boring moments of their day listening to podcasts on their phones. To learn more about the thought process of successful people and the go-getters of the world, listen to Joe Rogan and Lewis Howes. Both channels are equally profound and eye-opening.

4) Do something creative each day

I understand that life these days–especially if you live in a big city–is hectic and speedy. There is hardly any time for hobbies or creative work. For a productive and hardworking person, it is key to keep up the good work and fall for traps like fatigue or burnout (which are quite real and everyone experiences them). 

Doing something creative every day will give you the drive that most people are deprived off. Practice music, sports, public speaking, or any other form of art.

5) Have a healthy breakfast

Unless you are practicing intermittent fasting, it is important to fuel yourself up in the morning itself. Do not eat fast food or any other unhealthy meal in the morning. It is recommended to begin your day with a glass of apple cider vinegar or any other beverage with acetic acid. 

After about half an hour, follow that up with a healthy breakfast like eggs, oatmeal, some fruit, and a dairy product. Even successful actors like Dwane Johnson consider eating an outrageously large breakfast consisting of a creamed variant of rice, oatmeal, grits, barley, and brown rice.


Improving your productivity doesn’t have to cost money. Daily rituals are free of cost and you don’t need to be an expert to practice them. Plus, once you get started, the next thing you need to do is build momentum with whatever you are doing. A time will come when work will start to get easy and effort-free.

Little-known Ways to Stay Productive While Unemployed

Being unemployed is a nightmare and anyone who has been in such a situation would totally understand. But don’t let this bad phase ruin your life. Unemployment can open doors for many opportunities that you never knew existed. You won’t get lucky unless you continue to work hard and remain productive in this phase. The purpose of this post is to share some techniques that will allow you to stay productive while unemployed.


Here are ways to stay productive while unemployed.

1. Hang around positive and upbeat people

During the dark days of unemployment, your mind will keep creating negative thoughts and scenarios. This will bog you down and can hurt your self-esteem up to a point where it becomes irreparable. Do not let this happen. The easiest ways to stay positive and productive while unemployed is to spend time with people who are doing what they love and have a positive vibe about themselves.

2. Do freelance work

Part-time or freelance work will boost your morale and guide and give you the motivation you need to push through this bad phase. I know some people who started freelancing because of unemployment but ended up becoming successful at it. Now they are their own boss and are highly rated on freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr. There is a positive aspect of everything that happens in life. All you have to do is recognize it and seize the opportunity when presented.

3. Follow a schedule

I recommend you take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” Earl of Chesterfield

Scheduling is key to living a free and disciplined life. Don’t be like one of those unemployed people who let themselves loose and become too comfortable with being jobless. No one can be productive by being too comfortable all the time. There will be days when you won’t feel like applying for jobs and actively looking for a job opening. But you still have to go against your emotions and do the right thing.

4. Workout every single day

Lifting weights is the best way to get rid of the anxiety and negative thoughts that consume your mind while being unemployed. Working out also burns fat and keeps your body and mind active. You want your mind to be sharp when an opportunity suddenly arises. No company wants to hire a person who is overweight and mentally lazy. Research has proven that overweight people are way less productive than someone who is fit.


A day job keeps you productive as it forces you to follow a routine and live an organized life. The day you lose your job, the structure gets broken and you become all over the place. Hence, it is really important to create your own schedule and follow it religiously. You can also learn new continue to learn new skills that will help you get your ideal job. YouTube and Udemy are great resources for learning any marketable skill.

Setapp Review – One Store to Rule Them All

Setapp icon

There are tons of new and unique apps individual users can download to Macs and iPads to increase productivity, accessibility, entertainment level, among so many other things. The downsides to downloading dozens of apps are the hefty monthly subscription fees that are sure to add up. This is where Setapp steps in.

Instead of paying fees to individual apps, Setapp offers a compilation of Mac apps for a single monthly subscription fee. Sounds too good to be true? Go on and read this review to find out whether Setapp could work for you:

How Setapp Works

The founders have based their idea on streaming services. With the onset of streaming platforms, movie watchers didn’t have to pay for individual DVDs. Instead, they pay one monthly fee to access tens of thousands of movies and TV shows from a single online platform.

Setapp working

Instead of movies or music tracks, Setapp makes various Mac apps available to individual users for a $9.99 monthly subscription fee. While it’s not as big as Netflix, currently there are over 100 apps Mac users can try. Imagine paying even a dollar each month to use each of these apps. The cost would be considerable. The single subscription model of Setapp is definitely a bargain in this light.


The Setapp suite is very intuitive, well organized, and all around easy to use. The suite includes three columns: the finder sidebar, the app listing column, and the preview column.

The finder sidebar has all the apps neatly categorized into groups such as Lifestyle, Productivity, Creativity, Task Management, and so on. Users can get access to all the apps or other apps available on the Mac quickly from the sidebar.

Once the user clicks on a category, another column lists all the apps available under that category. Right now, Setapp makes roughly 112 apps immediately available with desktop download. New apps are still being added, about 3 new per month, according to the company.

Third column makes a preview of a selected app available with the name, a screenshot or an image, and a short description. It’s very useful when looking for a new app. All the information is available in a single suite, which is extremely convenient for busy enterprise users.


The apps on Setapp are handpicked by the creators. That is to say, users can’t add or exclude apps they personally like. The suite is made available with more apps that anyone could ever really use, so this should not be a problem.

There are plenty of highly useful apps both individual and work users can benefit from. The suite includes several apps from the company behind Setapp, such as CleanMyMac. Other notable apps include Capto, Bartender, Gemini,SQLPro Studio, and even Ulysses. The collection is incredibly varied. The inclusion of popular apps like Ulysses, which can cost as much as $45 individually, is really impressive.

It’s also got a few personal finance apps like Chronicle, MoneyWiz and Home Inventory that can help you keep a track of your finances, receipts, bills etc. You can check all the apps offered by Setapp here.

It should be noted that all the apps in Setup are ad-free. There are no in-app advertisements or prompts for purchases. That distraction-free environment alone makes the subscription fee worthwhile.


It’s hard to find downsides to this service. However, do understand that this service makes financial sense only to those who need to use multiple apps on a monthly or daily basis. If you need to use only one or two cheap apps, then the $10 price tag may be overpaying.


Setapp is a fascinating tool that is near limitless in application and convenience. If you are in the habit of downloading numerous apps each year, the Setapp suite can save a fortune. Users may even be able to save money on some apps made available in the suite like SQLPro Studio, which are very expensive to use individually.

Overall, Setapp offers excellent functionality and a great opportunity to save money when working on projects. The suite keeps adding new apps, so the cost effectiveness of Setapp would only increase in the future. Currently, Setapp is available for a free 7-day trial run.

Click here to start yours and take it for a spin. If you don’t like it, you can always cancel.