How to Buy, Sell and Rent Study Material

Are you going back to school? Or you are a first-year student at university?

In both cases, a student has to dish out a huge sum to buy new study material for the semester ahead. Until now you would have had to pay up to $500 at the start of each semester. Which is insanely expensive for a college student. In this post, I am going to share some creative ways to cut your costs dramatically.

Unless your student loan can cover the cost of textbooks, you would want to look for ways to get study material either for free or cheap. Also, not all study material is available online for free. Some courses require you to purchase books from a particular publisher. There is no escaping here.

Is renting a textbook cheaper than buying?

The good news is, if you cannot manage to pay a huge sum upfront, you can rent the books for one-fourth of its original price. Most university books are useless once the semester is over. You either have to store them on the shelf or look for potential buyers online. Which itself is a hassle. Hence, I recommend renting the majority of the textbooks and purchasing only the evergreen ones. Renting is always cheaper than buying.

Here are tips to buy, sell and rent study material

1) Rent textbooks for cheap on Chegg


Chegg is the only place where you can rent or buy a textbook at a 90% discount. Moreover, they also allow you to extend the renting period or keep the book if you want–by paying a few extra bucks. If you don’t find the book you are looking for(on Chegg), you can also use Amazon to purchase or rent textbooks.

2) PDF Drive

Almost all books these days are published in both paperback and digital form. Before purchasing or renting a book, do not forget to check for a free digital copy of that book. PDF Drive is a great platform to download eBooks in PDF format. Just type in the title or the name of the author in the search box.

3) Google search engine

Google is another clear choice for those looking for a free ebook online. You do need to apply a filter to get download links for the book you are looking for. Just type [title of book] filetype: pdf in the Google search box and you are good to go. Be aware of sites that ask you to create a free account. Most probably they will direct you to other spammy sites or ask you for a fee.

The bottom line

When it comes to university study material, it is wise to team up with your classmates. Create a Facebook group and start sharing whatever study material you have. Soon, others will chip in and you won’t have to spend a dime on buying or renting textbooks. You can also organize a book exchange meetup in your college.