Financial Education: What is an ACCA Qualification?

Anyone who holds an ACCA qualification is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a global organisation which issues qualifications in the field of accountancy, auditing and taxation. The company itself is approved by a British Royal Charter and has influence all over the world. With over 160,000 current members and around 425,000 students, ACCA provides special privileges and services to its associates through 89 international offices.

To attain membership with ACCA and become a charted certified accountant, a student must pass 14 examinations and attain practical experience in the relevant areas. Additional training can also be given for them to gain specialist knowledge. For businessmen and women, the ACCA qualification will provide everything you need to build and maintain a prosperous career in the financial world.

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Is it too late to get an MBA?


What an interesting week last week, now back to the grind of things.  Today we received a question from a reader who asks, “Is it too late to get an MBA?”  Let us define what the reader considers too late, they consider their mid 40’s too late to obtain the advanced degree.

What is his dilemma?  Mark is a mid level manager who strives to take that next step but all of the upper echilon have advanced degrees.  Some organizations only recruit talent for upper level positions if they have an advanced degree, his organization is one of those.

Mark has his bachelor’s degree and is at the glass ceiling for his current credentials at his organization.  He wants to move up and he knows he can do the job, but he just doesn’t have the degree for the next step.  The time to obtain the advanced degree may take a few years to complete.  The reward after the completion of the degree when he is able to move up the corporate ladder is going to be substantial for him.  He definately gets my vote to pursue the degree.  Would you pursue the degree if you were Mark?

Some people think that you have to be going for something to continue your education for advanced degrees or just another degree.  This is a misconception and many people take courses that they find interesting or that they find may benefit them in some way in the real world.

When I was taking my MBA courses, there was a gentleman in the class that had already received a Harvard Law degree and was corporate council for the multinational organization he worked for.  I was talking with him one time and questioned his presence in the program and he said he takes the courses for fun and likes to keep his mind sharp.

Whatever your reasons for pursuing and MBA or any other advanced degree, I say you should definately pursue it.  I am a big advocate of education for all.  Said by one of my buddies Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

 PHOTO BY: Bathe in Light