All good things must come to an end…It was a good run while it lasted…RIP Encyclopedia Britannica print edition

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Childhood….Ahhh those were the days of no responsibility where my only recollection of money was that my parents had it and I needed it to buy candy or that new toy.  But what I do remember as a youth was that my parents subscribed to Encyclopedia Britannica.  I asked my mom a while back how they ended up with the encyclopedias and she gave me the spiel where a salesman came door to door saying something about how it was going to be the way of the future.  They had just had me as their first child and they didn’t want me to be left behind as everyone else was subscribing.

Well, Encyclopedia Britannica is calling their 2010 print edition of the famed 32 volume print edition its last.   What are your thoughts on this?  Well here is what I have noticed first hand in our community.  If you take a look at another post of mine…hmmm where is it…oh here it is, I am on the board of directors for an organization that does a lot of things for the community.

Part of the organization that I am part of restores architecturally significant structures in our community that have a historic presence whether they be related to a former president or some other prominent figure.  Well two buildings that the organization owns have fallen into disarray and at the moment we are securing large grants to restore the buildings.  We reached out to the community as one of the rooms has a library and we are trying to furnish it.  You would be surprised at the number of editions of encyclopedias that people were willing to give away just to get them out of their houses.  The organization didn’t receive many other books other than print editions of encyclopedias. 

The sad thing is that my parents spent a good deal of money back in the day to purchase these, so that they would be able to provide what they thought was the best for us.  You may not consider it an investment as you would think of but it was an investment in mine and my siblings’ futures.  There were a few times back in grade school where we used the encyclopedias but they basically sat untouched on the shelves for many years.  They are actually still on the shelves sitting there taking up space in the virtual age where you don’t even have books anymore, thanks to Kindle and Nook.

Has anyone reading this article subscribed to this recently other than libraries?  For $1,400 dollars that seems quite lofty to keep an updated edition every 2 years with the amount of information on the internet.  I am honestly surprised that they stayed around this long with the internet.  Don’t worry though they are not going away they are focusing more on their educational content and digital editions of the encyclopedia.

Thoughts…What are yours??

 PHOTO BY: peppergrasss