Weekly Round Up – August 2 , 2013

 Debt  A Few Good Reads

Here are a few of my favorite reads from the past week.

   1. Debt ceiling drama returns: 

Warnings from the White House, Wall Street and the world economic community be damned:      Debt ceiling drama is back.

The rapidly approaching fight over lifting the nation’s borrowing limit won’t only pit                  Republicans against President Barack Obama but also pit Republicans against Republicans.    Open this article [Read more…]

Five For Friday: The Big East is Coming to an End

syracuse orangeWell it is Friday again.  Do these weeks seem to be flying by or what?  I had the privilege of watching a Hangout that turned into a Youtube live session on taxes last night.  The session was hosted by Carrie at CarefulCents.com along with her 2 co hosts Andrea at Nuts and Bolts Media and Emily at EmilyChaseSmith.com.

Speaking of Emily Chase Smith.com, last week I received an email that said, “Wanted to let you know that I mentioned you as one of the 15 Financial Great Brains You Must Know.”  Thinking it was spam at first, I made sure I clicked on the link with caution.  Sure enough it opens up and bam, there I am sitting there on the list with some of the greats like J$, Ramit, etc.  It really felt great, make sure you go over and check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.  OK here it is while I have you here I don’t want you to leave.

Top Financial Brains

Here they are the Five for Friday in no particular order:

This post is hilarious make sure you check it out, I am sure we have all had these internal dialogues.  Take a visit over to J$ at BudgetsAreSexy where he discusses his office chair dilemma.

Average Joe’s when I was a new financial advisor.  Look into the mind of a new advisor and see it through his eyes.  It is not as pretty as we think it is.

I had heard of Pat Flynn, but never really took the time to browse his site or even check out some of his podcasts, but last night I sat there for close to 2.5 hours watching his podcasts, they are freaking amazing.  Check this out on how to use free in your business.  I coincidentally stumbled upon this by stalking Carrie at Careful Cents YouTube feed.  🙂

MMM got rid of his expensive cell phone plan first, now he discusses carrying around a little black box hotspot!

Well it is March what would it be without a little March Madness talk from Frugal Rules.  Anyways let’s go SYRACUSE as they play the Hoyas tonight!

Enjoy the weekend, and I hope that I find myself sitting in front of the TV Saturday night watching Syracuse in the Big East Finals.

photo by: patentboy

Week One Recap

Wow, what a first week, this is really exciting and I love waking up in the morning now to blog again!!  A lot of great comments and plenty of feedback received via email.  Thank you keep those suggestions coming.  I really appreciate it.

So, what did I do this week read many, many blogs because once you start reading you can’t stop.  Here are a few that I found particularly interesting this week in no particular order:

Check out Shaun over at Money Cactus and check out this well written article…it really gets you thinking about what really motivates you???

J Money over at Budgetsaresexy always keeps the content fresh.  I found this article rather interesting this week, so much I commented on it.

KrantCents had a good article quite the opposite of my tax refund article.  Check it out

The Broke Professionals have an appropriately named article “The Definition of Broke: What Does It Mean?

Good Reads in addition to my emergency reserve fund article.  Check him out at Money Infant

Make sure to give these blogs some love and tell them Christopher sent ya! Happy reading and make sure to come back next week for another packed week of what’s hot in personal finance!!