Did I hear you right; you want to buy my site?

For Sale Sign, this that and the mba, mbaThat’s right I would like to buy your site.  Last night as I was doing my usual musings I received an email soliciting to buy my site.  Of course, I responded to hear them out, but as I sent off the response I sat there imagining myself a lottery millionaire.

The longer I sat there the greater the manifestations in my head.  Then it hit me back to reality, how are they going to value my site?  I began to think of a way on how to value my site.  There were a few ways that popped into my head.

I did some aggressive Google searching looking for ways to value a website.  I got everything from a few months worth of income to a few years worth of income.  What if your site isn’t monetizing, how can you put a price on that?

The offer came back as $1,000 and I sat there and said yeah rightttttt.  I have way more hours in working on the site that it is worth.  Plus I love interacting with you..yes you…so leave a comment to let me know you are reading…  I know some of you may think that is a high offer to take it and run, but it has taken a lot of time and legwork to get the site off the ground.  It just wasn’t worth it to me, so I happily rejected the offer.

I appreciated the offer and the manifestations in my head that made me think of millions.  I know some sites have sold for large sums of money and the original authors continued to post.

Have you gotten any offers for your site?  How do you put a price on your baby?