Common Sense Ways To Save Money On Car Expenses

Beside owning a home, a car is the second largest investment made by consumers. Cars come with a lot of out of pocket expenses like repairs and maintenance that you might not be thinking about when you drive off the lot. Below are some savvy ways you can save money and maintain your vehicle for years to come.

Save With Repairs & Maintenance

Know what your car needs and when. Be sure to read your owner’s manual. This will help you avoid hefty upcharges at the service center. You find reputable service centers and dealers on You’ll never overpay on repairs again with their fair price estimate guarantee. They won’t pitch you unnecessary maintenance like a transmission flush for $120, unless you really need it. Other repairs and maintenance that can help you save:

  • Rotate your own tires.
  • Avoid heavy braking to maintain the life of your brake pads.
  • Replace your air filter to improve fuel economy.
  • Replace wiper blade, light bulbs and fuses yourself. Your car manual will have detailed instructions.
  • Avoid over oiling your car with too many oil changes. New cars can run longer on synthetic oil, so you should only need an oil change every 10,000 miles.
  • Spend the extra cash on a high mileage oil change for your older cars. They need to be well-lubricate and will last longer with the added benefit of high mileage oil.

Cut Cost With Fuel Economy

Did you know aggressive driving costs you around $477 annually? Driving sensible can actually help you save money on gas. When it comes to fuel economy you should avoid rapid acceleration, speeding and hard braking. Gas mileage also decreases when you drive at high speeds, so if you can cruise around 50 mph you will save a bundle. Quit idling while you wait. If you are parked, or idling in traffic for long periods of time, simply turn your engine off. For winter months, don’t turn your car on to heat up. Simply drive it slowly for 30 seconds after you start it to get the engine going in cooler climates.

Slash Prices With Your Insurance

Start by shopping around. Insurance can come with a hefty price for everything including collision coverage. For cars 10 years and up, drop some of the more expensive items like collision coverage and you’ll save a bundle. You should also bundle your insurance policies to save all-around. Insuring your home and auto with a single provider can help you save on average at least 10% each year. Let your insurance company monitor your driving habits, and save up to an additional 30% each year. If you work from home or ride your bike to the office, you might be able to save by asking for a mileage discount. You can save up to $100 a year if you travel less than 5,000 miles annually. Did you also know that your credit score can factor into your insurance rate? Keep an eye on that credit score, and every time it improves ask for good credit discount. Also, be sure you know when to claim. Be sure to carefully consider reporting minor collisions as they can skyrocket your premium up by 41% annually.