4 Common Leadership Mistakes You are Probably Making

Team work

Leadership is all about humility, commitment, dedication and being sincere to yourself and your team. Being a leader requires one to have a deep understanding of his team and its working. Good leaders lead by example and are the change makers. But failure as a leader can be depressing and lead to failure of the organization in the long run. Success of an organization strongly relies on its leaders and the workforce. Team members follow leaders and if leadership is not at place then the problem is unavoidable. Here are4 common leadership mistakes you are probably making that is not letting you to achieve your goal.

1) Emotional thinking

Mixing your judgment with your emotions can be detrimental when you work in a team. You need to have a proper rational logic behind whatever decisions you take. It should not be affected by your emotions otherwise it gets difficult for you to explain it to your team members which leads to lack of trust. Keep your emotions aside while taking any decision for the team.

2) Not taking feedbacks

A leader is not at all a good leader unless he is ready to hear from others and open to what they believe or think. Just imposing your decision on your teammates and not taking feedbacks from them or simply ignoring them could lead to you becoming more of a hated personality rather than a likable one. Taking constructive feedbacks from each and every member give them voice and builds their trust on you as they feel more involved and positive about you.

3) Lack of humility

A leader should always be ready to accept his mistake. No one is perfect in this entire world and after all a leader is also a human and every human makes mistake. Accepting your mistake in front of your team does not let you down instead make you more open minded and confident among your team member. A leader cannot always be right and one has to understand this simple fact in order to be a good leader.

4) Not making time to meet your team members

People often neglect this aspect amidst the workload they have and just focus on the deadline to complete every task. Although that is important but amongst all this you may not realize that your team is not working to its full potential due to certain unknown reasons which you are unaware of as you never bothered to meet them and discuss them openly. Being open to your team members and making them feel comfortable around you, is extremely important for proper working of your team. This requires a leader to take out time for his team and make the team members feel warm and happy.