Is a College Education Unaffordable for Most People?

 College Education Unaffordable

A great deal of media coverage has been given to the idea that higher education is now unaffordable to anyone without rich parents or a trust fund. With millions of students graduating tens of thousands of dollars in debt, it is not hard to see why people are turning their back on college and electing to get a job instead.

President Elect Donald Trump put student debt on his presidential campaign agenda, so there is a chance that he will do something to help graduates struggling with huge debt, but in the meantime, that leaves us with the question of how to pay for a college education. Can it be done in an affordable fashion?

Investing in a Future Career

There is no doubt that going to college is expensive on many levels, but if you see a college degree as an investment in your future, it should help make things easier. The more educated you are, the easier your pathway through life will be.

People with a degree are eligible for better-paid jobs and are less likely to be out of work. In an increasingly competitive jobs market, the more qualified you are, the better, which is why an MBA in healthcare management is a sure-fire way to ensure you are promoted swiftly through the ranks if you elect to go into the healthcare sector.

Once you have gotten your head around the idea of investing in a future career, your next task is to look at how you can make a college education affordable. Luckily, there are several ways to do this.

Online Degrees

Studying online will significantly reduce the cost of obtaining a college degree. By enrolling on an online degree or MBA course, you can save up to 30% on your tuition fees.

There was a time when an online degree was considered a second-class qualification, but not anymore. Reputable institutions such as The George Washington University now offer online versions of their most popular degree courses.

Instead of attending campus to study for an MBA healthcare, you can enroll on a healthcare management degree online. It’s a flexible and affordable way to get a degree education, and perfect for students who prefer living at home, or who need to continue working while they study.

Study Part-Time

Holding down a full-time job while you study for a degree is a useful way of minimizing the cost of a college degree. Part-time or online courses make it easy for students to carry on working, so if you can’t afford to be a full-time student, look at online or part-time courses instead.

Ask Your Employer to Pay

Another option worth considering if you would like to get a college degree but you have no means to pay for it is ask your employer to cover the cost. Many employers are happy to do this, as it makes for a more loyal and productive employee.

In conclusion, it is clear that a college education is affordable if you think a degree will help your future prospects, so don’t let the cost put you off applying.

How to Market yourself with a magnificent resume

While I haven’t disclosed much personal information yet, bits and pieces will come out as we delve further into this blog about How to Market.  I am an accountant/financial analyst that works at a local non-profit organization in Market who receives much of its funding from state and federal governments resumes.  Recently it has been discussed merging with another non-profit in the area which is teaching to people How to Market yourself.  They organizations are still in the very infancy stages of seeing if something like this is even plausible.  But I could be one day without a job because they will not need 2 finance departments for the organizations.

All of a sudden come the what-ifs.  What if I were to lose my job? Should I start looking now?  It creates a different level of stress from the day to day stress.  When planning for the future you need to take into consideration these what ifs.  One of them as is the emergency fund (insert link from the other post).  The one I want to focus on is having your resume up to date.

Your resume is your own personal marketing tool. There are a lot of resume builders online and sometimes they are very helpful, but if you plan to try one look for a review from a site such as Consumers Advocate so you can compare them. As you are working in your current job you should always have your resume updated with your most recent skill set and your job functions. You never know when you are going to run into someone that may have the opportunity of a lifetime. They may just ask for your resume and you better be able to produce. Why keep it up to date, while you may think you have your dream job now you never know what might happen. This is not the old times when you used to work in one or two jobs your entire life. According to Forbes, employee/employer loyalty has shifted and attitudes have changed. The economic climate has changed and you really have to focus on yourself and make sure you are prepared for the uncertainty.

Personal finance is a large spectrum and sitting back and taking a back seat approach is going to get you nowhere fast.  This is the approach that I had taken in years past but this blog is helping myself and my wife set our sights straight.

As with everything you do, put your best foot forward and leave nothing at the door. That is a great idea which you can use in the marketing of your magnificent resume.