Monday edition of the Five for Friday, Weekend Recap or whatever you want to call it!

Justin Timberlake, sexy back, taking sexy back, im taking budgets backFor all of you that missed the Friday edition, we were taking part of the Yakezie blog swap.  Basically what takes place is that we sign up for the blog swap and we are partnered with a fellow blogger.  We post an article about a particular topic, which this time the topic was the best investment advice I ever received.  I traded posts with my buddy over at Short Road to Retirement.  Be sure to stop over there and check out his site and also to check out my article!

I don’t know if you have been following along in the personal finance world but there is going to be a big movement that is going to take place tomorrow.  It is the Roth IRA Movement orchestrated by Jeff Rose over at Good Financial Cents

What a busy week last week was, I read so many great publications but here are a few that stuck with me as always in no particular order:

While I am no Justin Timberlake fan, I have heard the song Sexy Back but this is a remake of the popular song that finance nerds like me would chuckle about.  Take a look these shirts and be sure to rock your shirt around town! 

Take a look at a very powerful article written by Shilpan over at Street Smart Finance, about turning financial setbacks into success. 

We all do it and we know we do it sometimes.  Take a look at this great post by Daisy over at Add-Vodka!

We think we know but we really have no idea how to market ourselves, enter Nell of Housewife Empire.  Bookmark this site because I know you will be returning like I have been or better yet print it out and put it under your pillow. 

Ever wonder if there was a discrepancy in the three credit reporting agencies.  Make sure you pull your reports from the three!  Come visit Along for the Journey and see what they had to say!

Unfortunately this edition is on Monday, which means as you read this, I am sitting at my desk buried in excel spreadsheets singing Justin Timberlake in my head…Ahhhhhhhhh until tomorrow, enjoy the day!

I almost forgot, I got around this week so take a look at where I was: 

Is a degree worth the debt?  over at Life and My Finances

Make Money Make Cents

Short Road to Retirement

The College Investor

Odd Cents

Carnival of Retirement: Editors Pick!

The Frugal Toad

Personal Finance Whiz

I feel that it is always an honor when a fellow blogger takes the time to recognize one of my posts to be worthy to share with their readership and for this I say THANK YOU!

That is not me in the picture dancing. 🙂
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Week 5 Recap: A Month in and I am here to stay for the long haul!

Well here it is the Five For Friday.  Another week has come and gone and we continue to pump out the articles.  It has had its share of ups and downs over there past month and a half, from late nights to early mornings.  A lot of great comments and plenty of feedback received via email.  Thank you and keep those suggestions coming.  I really appreciate it.  Here is what I have been reading this past week that has really kept my interest and even provoked some commenting. 

Homeownership may not be for everyone but here are some lessons learned.  Take a look at what Robert at My Multiple Incomes has to say.  I just found this blog this week and it is great a must read!

A great blog that looks like it started close to when I started this ole boy is Broke Elizabeth.  She talks about how great it is to lose weight, but there is a cost associated with losing weight. Now you can be faced with a personal finance dilemma of having to go out and get a new wardrobe.  Could definitely be a budget buster!   

Cash Flow Mantra discusses his strategy of using Covered Calls as a defensive strategy to declining stock prices. 

Not really on the topic of finance but we can spin it into finance because ads generate revenue.  Take a look at this little rant.  Some of us go to sites for the content. Turning it into a big advertisement is going to dissuade us from visiting. Take a look at this blogging rant over at Balancing Money and Life.

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and spend some money.  Here at Budgeting in the fun stuff they spent a grand in 24 hours.  At least there was a tax deduction! 

Be safe this weekend and I will see you bright and early Monday morning.  Or you may find me trolling your site!

Week Dos Recap – I am fluent in Spanish, not really…

Wow a whole 2 weeks into personal finance blogging and I have to say I love doing it.  It has been a great journey thus far.  I am building some great friendships with the personal finance blogging community.  I have found the Yakezie Network great and everyone is very willing to help out. 

I learned that with blogging or your spouse you have to give love to receive love.  I am out there sharing the love as much as I can with my fellow bloggers.  Here is it close to midnight preparing the post after a long day of blogging and financial analysis at work.  I am not complaining, just stating that loving takes time. 

Here are some of the sites/post that I found quite interesting this week, as always they are in no particular order. 

If you just are looking for an all-around laugh this site is great to check out Punch Debt in the Face.

I have little sticky notes all over the place and a pocket full of folded up pieces of paper with various notes and ideas for blog posts.  Evernote is a great program that I saw that Thad at ThadThoughts gave a great review on.  Now I have it installed on my Razr and I love it! 

Here’s a site established a little before mine making similar progress to mine.  Very great read over here be sure to check him out.  Here is his reflection on this first few weeks of blogging, take a look at Modest Money.

Here are some frugal Valentine’s Day Ideas, they may be a little late now but heck they are even more frugal. Interesting read for the week.  Check it out here at the College Investor!

Here is an Article on preparing for your accountant at the end of the year.  Very thorough and well written piece by My Journey To Millions

Have a safe weekend and we will be back on Monday to share the great work week together!  Time is flying now a few months till the big 3-0, eek I am old!  Make sure to give these blogs some love and tell them Christopher sent ya!


Week One Recap

Wow, what a first week, this is really exciting and I love waking up in the morning now to blog again!!  A lot of great comments and plenty of feedback received via email.  Thank you keep those suggestions coming.  I really appreciate it.

So, what did I do this week read many, many blogs because once you start reading you can’t stop.  Here are a few that I found particularly interesting this week in no particular order:

Check out Shaun over at Money Cactus and check out this well written article…it really gets you thinking about what really motivates you???

J Money over at Budgetsaresexy always keeps the content fresh.  I found this article rather interesting this week, so much I commented on it.

KrantCents had a good article quite the opposite of my tax refund article.  Check it out

The Broke Professionals have an appropriately named article “The Definition of Broke: What Does It Mean?

Good Reads in addition to my emergency reserve fund article.  Check him out at Money Infant

Make sure to give these blogs some love and tell them Christopher sent ya! Happy reading and make sure to come back next week for another packed week of what’s hot in personal finance!!