Resume Up to Date?? If Not You May Miss an Opportunity of a Lifetime

Ever gone out with a friend who impulse buys, and then that leads to you spending money that you don’t have?  Ok I will turn around if you want to raise your hand.  Sure we have all done it but sometimes we spend too much and do not have enough for that bill that is due at the end of the week.  While I do not generally advocate for this type of behavior but I hope you have learned your lesson.  Go out and get a loan to make sure that you have adequate cash flow to pay your bills.  Wait what?  Did I hear that right, a personal finance site advocating a short term loan to cover your expenses?  I said it because I feel that taking out a short term loan, while the interest rate and fees may be high; I think they are lower than what you would pay in additional interest or penalties for missing a payment.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way and we are looking at our pay check wondering how we are going to pay back that loan.  We realize that we do not like our job and would be much happier doing something else.  It is more important than ever now to make sure that you have your resume up to date as you never know when the next great opportunity will cross your path.  Imagine you are out with your friends and you come across a gentleman, who you engage in conversation, come to find out his company is hiring.

Have you engaged yourself to sit down and hash out your resume recently?  What about making sure that the keywords that you used in the resume are still relevant?  Do you know when the last time that you glanced over your resume to make sure that it was still up to date?  If you answered no to any one of the questions this post is talking to you!

If the thought of updating your resume is daunting, then there are resume services out there that will help you.

Sell your passion

Make sure that your resume conveys your ideal career target.  Exactly what type of position you are looking for in your next job.  Ie. Objective or summary statement.

Keywords up to date

A few years back the buzzword may have been synergy but not any longer.  Keeping your resume current with the latest buzzwords and keywords is important to be found by potential employers.

Professional Development

Have you done any professional development lately, taken a course or training at a local university.  Make sure that it is included in your rework of your resume.

Edit, Edit, Edit your resume

Make sure that once you have completed the resume that you edit it over and over until you feel that it is absolutely flawless.  Read it at a few different times during the day to make sure that you have a fresh set of eyes looking at it.

Just make sure that it is up to date, relevant, and descriptive.  Remember you are selling yourself.

Moral of the story, keep your resume up to date to ensure you are in a profession that you love earning the Benjamin’s so that you can responsibly spend your money when you go out with your friends.

Photo by: ThompsonRivers